Nursery requirements

  • Our fees are based on an annual calculation to include holidays, and must be paid in advance; by Direct Debit if possible. There can be no refund for missed days due to illness or holidays.
  • Notice to leave must be given 4 weeks in advance in writing.
  • Please provide a full change of clothing to be kept at the nursery.
  • When toilet training is in progress, please bring the child dressed appropriately: e.g. leggings / joggers.
  • A Formal Complaints Procedure is available to all on request.
  • We welcome ongoing discussion of any matters concerning your child, either by telephone, or private meeting. Please also advise us of any changes in family circumstances, as this may have an impact upon your child’s behaviour/needs in the nursery.
  • Full details of any medical condition must be provided in advance of your child’s attendance at Cherryli.
  • All parents/carers are treated with respect, and we expect the same to be shown to Cherryli staff. We reserve the right to terminate our services if necessary.
  • Our duty of care requires that parents/carers will be contacted if a child is a danger to him/herself or to others.
  • Your child can bring a comfort object, but please leave sweets and other toys at home.
  • A healthy menu is available. Details are on the whiteboard in the nursery.
  • Lewisham Registration Inspection Unit requires the nursery to close promptly at 6 p.m., by which time your child must be collected. We reserve the right to charge for staff time due to late collection.
  • Please advise us of future nursery / school placement so that Cherryli staff can support your child’s transfer appropriately.


Age 6mths – 2 yrs

2 days: £140.00
3 days: £160.00
4 days: N/A
5 days: £290.00

Age 2 – 3 yrs

2 days: £140.00
3 days: £175.00
4 days: £220.00
5 days: £240.00

Age 3 – 5 yrs

2 days: £125.00
3 days: £160.00
4 days: £195.00
5 days: £225.00